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Computer Repair Carlsbad, San Diego, CA 92009

About Carlsbad
Computer Repair Carlsbad

Carlsbad, CA

The City of Carlsbad is a scenic coastal community of nearly 107,000 residents located 35 miles north of the city of San Diego. The city covers 42.8 square miles, 40 percent of which is dedicated to open space, including three lagoons, miles of hiking trails and nearly seven miles of coastline.

I Hate Computers provides computer repair services all over Carlsbad from home residences to businesses. Let us help you with your broken computer before you get frustrated. Call us today to get your free Diagnostic to get you back up and working again.

Carlsbad Recycle Electronics

Carlsbad Recycle Electronics

If you are looking for a E-Waste Drop off Center in Carlsbad, here is information on how to proceed:

Waste Management Buyback Center
(located at the Palomar Transfer Station)
5960 El Camino Real   Carlsbad, CA 92008
On Orion Street between Palomar Airport Rd. and Faraday Avenue
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.; closed Noon – 12:40 p.m.

The Waste Management Buyback Center does not accept used motor oil and other household hazardous waste, however they do accept recyclables such as aluminum, glass and plastic in exchange for cash, as well as e-waste and household batteries.

I Hate Computers! – Scene from Office Space – Computer Beat down

Do you ever feel like sometimes you can’t handle the stress the computer gives you? Headaches, restless hours of trying to figure the next step in solving your computer issues. Maybe it’s the printer jamming and the blinking lights telling you to push this and jump through the next hoop while doing a back-flip. Complicated? Well let I Hate Computers’ expert staff relieve that stress right away. Having us around will give you the power to move forward and be productive rather than sitting there wondering the next step. Here is a classic computer hatred scene from the movie, Office Space which depict how some people might feel towards their computer, printer, or fax machine. Please call us before you get like this! :)

How long should I expect my hard drive to last?

I have seen many brands of hard disks fail within months of being brand new. I have seen many high end hard disks with reputable names fail. The question is when it will fail.

I would not give a hard disk an average life span of more than 2 years reliability. Depending on file checks completed against the drive within that time will only help prolong the life of the drive. I will not bad mouth any particular drive because they all fail at some point so make sure to back up your data to a different media regularly.

Call us now about our backup solution for your home and office now before you have a problem with your computer and its too late!