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Laptop LCD Broken/Cracked? Sat on, Stepped on, Thrown down?

Is your laptop broken…as in cracked screen or water damage? Let us replace the screen so you can be back up and running soon. You must want your data retrieved at least?! Ask us about trade in options and selling your broken machines if you feel you want the data but do not want to put money on a repair.

How long should I expect my hard drive to last?

I have seen many brands of hard disks fail within months of being brand new. I have seen many high end hard disks with reputable names fail. The question is when it will fail.

I would not give a hard disk an average life span of more than 2 years reliability. Depending on file checks completed against the drive within that time will only help prolong the life of the drive. I will not bad mouth any particular drive because they all fail at some point so make sure to back up your data to a different media regularly.

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