We Specialize in Hardware and Software Repairs on BOTH Mac and PC Computers including Laptops and Servers. Don’t stress! Ask for help by calling now! Here are some of the common services we provide:

  • Virus Removal
  • Computer Cleaning: Spyware/Popup Removal, Trojan Removal, Malware Removal,
  • Critical Data Backup (Hard Drive, USB Drive, Zip Disk)
  • Network (Hard Wired and Wireless)
  • Extend Wireless Network to further Wireless Coverage
  • Hardware & Software Repair & Upgrade
  • Software Installation (Help with commercial and custom apps
  • Password Recovery (all operating systems)
  • Custom Computers (Workstations, Gaming Rigs, Servers)
  • E-commerce/E-Biz (Shopping Carts, Website Development Applications)
  • Website Development – Internal Applications, Forums, Back Office Applications
  • Laptop LCD Replacement (Replace your cracked or broken LCD Screen)
  • Laptop Inverter Replacement
  • Laptop CCFL Replacement
  • Hard Disk Replacement (Laptops and Workstations)
  • Hard Disk Cloning for Upgrade and Backup purposes (Upgrade to a larger drive while keeping your existing data)
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement (Don’t wait any longer not having all your keys)
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair (Is your Laptop plug loose and knock out of the jack turning the computer off?)
  • Laptop Battery Replacement (Is the Battery not keeping a charge?)
  • Laptop Power Cable Replacement (Lose your laptop cable? Order a new one)

Your problem not on this list? Don’t worry, give us a call and we will see if we can help you out! Table items based on (1) Workstation; Price subject to increase without notice. One hour minimum required for any visit made from I Hate Computers. Table items based on (1) Workstation; Price subject to increase without notice

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